Shailene Hate Blog


Dear Shailene Fans,

i just checked the shaiwoodedit and saw that there is a Shailene Hate blog!

We need to block this blog as fast as we can!

Whatever happens you must promise me one thing. that you will stay who you are. not a perfect soldier, but a good man.

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.”

Don't Panic - Coldplay


Don’t Panic • Coldplay

"To be one hundred percent honest, I did not at all have Hollywood in my sights when I left drama school. I just never assumed that it was a possible dream. Part of me was expecting to lose from day one, and I definitely had no higher hopes than to be on the stage in some sort of touring production."


 Jennifer Lawrence photographed for InStyle (2013)

Jennifer Lawrence photographed for InStyle (2013)


“You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who can make you happy, really happy, dancing-on-air happy. Someone who should have taken the chance to be with you years ago instead of becoming scared and being too afraid to try.”


Book Fandoms Unite!


Book Fandoms Unite!